The Repair and Refurbishment of Reinforced Concrete Buildings and Structures

The global cost of corrosion is estimated to be US$2.5 trillion, which is equivalent to 3.4% of the global GDP. It is also reckoned that the repair and rehabilitation of structures amounts to approximately 50% of construction budgets in most developed countries. The repair of reinforced concrete structures accounts for a large portion of these costs and is a huge industry worldwide. Regular and planned asset maintenance is vital for reinforced concrete structures and as our understanding of corrosion grows and we are more accutely aware of why concrete spalls, what causes the problems and how we can repair them, it is imperative that clients, consultants and surveyors understand what is involved.

The presentation,'The Repair and Refurbishment of Reinforced Concrete Buildings and Structures' will detail what an investigation and condition survey should consist of and what the advantages are of carrying one out prior to deciding on the repair methodology, touch on the pro's and con's of various methods of concrete repair, explain corrosion prevention and where it can be used and detail what should be included in the contract document (specification, schedule of quantities, constraints, etc).


The Presentations