Keeping our buildings & structures together

Buildings and structures move and crack over time and often require repairs to either reconnect the two sides of the cracked wall, or to stabilise the various elements of the structure. Installing crack stitching bars into masonry buildings, or installing anchors into large civil structures are both means of reconnecting and stabilising. The techniques for carrying out these repairs vary from using small helical bars, or large steel anchors grouted into the concrete, or sub-base.

CRL install a variety of different anchor systems for a number of applications such as strengthening, stabalising, crack stitching and prevent progressive collapses. CRL are able to use these techniques to complement their range of repair systems for various structures from external facades of building to masonry bridges.

2 main types of anchors systems used are:

The patented Cintec™ reinforcement and anchoring system. From an agreed design CRL will drill oversized holes into the agreed positions. Survey and trial works may be necessary to check on the proposed positions and the equipment to be used. Steel Anchors are then placed into the hole in a flexible sock. A proprietary grout is then injected into the sock.

These anchors can be used in a variety of solutions to restore, stabilise and strengthen sections of concrete, masonry and terracotta.

Helifix anchors can again be used in many different applications such as:

CRL will work with our suppliers and consultants to develop remedial solutions for such issues as cracked bricked, support for cladding panels. In some cases, this has initially involved CRL Surveys to undertake investigative surveys.

Diagnostic analysis will then need to be carried out to determine the specification and methodology. Frequently this process will be checked by carrying out trial installations on site that can be tested.

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"CRL was able to design and install 11,300 remedial wall ties to four schools in record time and with little, or no disruption to the daily operation of the schools."

Murray Soutar |Regional Director (Scotland & Ireland) | CRL