Asset maintenance for the power sector

CRL have been providing asset maintenance services to the power industry for 65 years. We work with all the generating companies in the fossil fuel and renewable energy sectors.We fully understand the operational constraints and safety requirements associated with this industry.

Our extensive experience in this industry sector often means we are engaged during the concept stage by Clients to provide early contractor involvement (ECI). This allows us to develop value engineered solutions reducing costs, programme time, operational disruption and safety risks.

In renewable energy we work with the on-shore wind farm operators in Australia and the UK to install, monitor and maintain the concrete bases. This requires specialist expertise to ensure the towers are fully grouted into the concrete foundations using industry specific grouts and pumping equipment. We have also developed our own remote monitoring system which records the tower movement and identifies when further grouting might be required.

The UK renewable energy sector has pioneered the development of on-shore wind farms over the last decade with turbines rapidly increasing in size and efficiency. Our office in Scotland has been closely involved with monitoring the performance of the concrete bases and helped developed a specific technique to grout the void between the tower and the concrete foundation. Over the last decade we have grouted and repaired over 2000 on-shore wind turbine bases in the UK and have framework contracts with the leading generating businesses. This technology and experience is now available through our office in Melbourne.


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“Just a quick note to thank the team for a successful project carrying out the concrete repairs to our Unit 2 and 3 sub-basements. The works were completed to a high standard with a good safely record in one of the station’s most difficult environments.”

Nick Smith | Civil Engineer | Drax Power Station (Unit 2 & 3 Sub-basements)