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Australia has one of the busiest, and safest, railway services in the world. Every year, millions of people travel by rail,  passing over, under, or through an asset that needs to be monitored, maintained and repaired. With the resurgence of rail travel the maintenance of these assets, bridges, viaducts and tunnels, is a significant factor in the efficiency of the service offered to passengers. 

Today’s railway represents 200 years of engineering innovation and determination, but this also presents us with an ageing asset base. With infrastructure maintenance consuming ever larger budgets, cost, coupled with the complications in organising and executing this refurbishment work within limited rail engineering hours poses a significant challenge. Specifically, the coordination with train traffic operation is of crucial importance and has numerous challenging planning, and implementation problems.

CRL are well placed to handle these challenges and problems. We have been inspecting, repairing and strengthening rail assets successfully for over 65 years. Our staff are trained in all aspects of working on the railway and are accustomed to working 'engineering hours'. 

Our service offering for the rail sector covers the inspection, repair and strengthening of buildings and structures. This includes repairs to station facilities, platforms, bridges, viaducts and tunnels. In the UK we work with all the rail industry clients  which includes Network Rail, London Underground, Eurotunnel, Docklands Light Railway, Nottingham Tram, Mersey Travel, Nexus and most other train operating companies (TOCs). In Australia we have been busy working with the Cross Yarra Partnership (CYP) helping with the construction of the new Melbourne Metro stations and tunnels. We have installed a sheet waterproof membrane in many of the new deep basement stations and provided leak sealing services for the tunneling works.

Using our own highly skilled operatives managed by our Chartered Engineers we can provide a professional service to the rail sector. We employ our own planner to programme the resources and execution of the work, and our own Safety Advisor to ensure all works we carry out in the in the rail environment is done safely.


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“The project is being handled in a professional manner, and the works completed to the highest standard.”

Phil Edwards | Senior Engineer | Groupe Eurotunnel SA