Customer Care Policy Statement

CRL’s Vision is to be The Specialist Contractor of Choice, and as such our customers are key.
We want to provide our customers with the very best of service, support, advice and facilitation. We have come a long way in over 65 years as a specialist contractor and have seen many changes, and we recognise that there is always more to do to ensure that our Customers know that we really care about them.
To continue building and growing relationships with Customers new and old, we will develop our
relationship with our customers, delivering consistently, and improving our service by
    • Collaborating with our Customers and Stakeholders,
    • Listening to the concerns and views of our stakeholders and consult regularly to ensure that
      their needs are being met,
    • Observing high standards of personal conduct, including politeness, fairness and sensitivity,
      and demonstrate integrity, objectivity, competence and confidentiality in carrying out our
    • Help our employees understand their combined contribution to customer service,
    • Monitoring and measuring Customer feedback and quality, and
    • Develop improvement plans to ensure continual maturity.
This is a summary of our commitments to our customers, which will be kept under regular review by CRL in light of experience and feedback.
AP Rimoldi
Chief Executive
Febuary 2020                   
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