Downsgate Reservoir, Dover

CRL were appointed by Affinity Water, as part of our Framework Contract to undertake the refurbishment of one of their many drinking water reservoirs.

Our works included the removal of the existing defective bonded waterproofing layer, repairs to the structure, application of a new protective membrane and associated works.

Due to weight limitations on the roof, it was not possible to use heavy plant to plane off the existing membrane. We elected to use ultra high water pressure for this task.

CRL applied a Triflex Protect System (fully fleeced) onto the roof to act as a waterproofing membrane. A propriety drainage system (Deckdrain) was then installed over the top of the Triflex to assist with the drainage and isolation of the aggregate above from being in contact with the Triflex, as a protective measure.  Part of the specification was then to install circa 200 tonnes of triple washed 20-40 mm rounded aggregate to the roof of the reservoir. This provides protection to the materials below from mechanical damage, mitigates the harmful effects of UV from the sun and helps reduce solar gain within the reservoir.

Internally, we carried out repairs, resin injection, extensive over banding and application of protective coatings to the internal pipework.

Due to the site logistics, it was not possible to use cranes or all terrain vehicles to place the aggregate. CRL assessed the manual handling implications of moving the gravel, designed and installed a conveyor system....much to the delight of our Client...and our operatives.

Affinity water have been most complimentary towards CRL with respect to what they consider to be our forward thinking and innovative mind set.

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