YMCA Bridgewater

CRL carried out the full design and installation of the cladding system for Henry W Pollard & Sons Ltd on the Y.M.C.A Bridgewater project.

The cladding system was installed to a new build project, constructed by Henry W Pollard & Sons Ltd. The access used whilst installing the cladding system comprised off using scaffolding, MEWPS and alloy towers.

The cladding system that CRL supplied and installed was light weight steel frame (SFS) K15 Kingspan Insulation, Breather membrane, Trespa rainscreen cladding panels and Prodema Panels, screw fixed to timber supports.

"A technically difficult project which was required to be completed in a short programme time due to the fixed deadline for the opening of the building. The end result certainely warranted the effort!"

Steve Jones | Southern Director | CRL

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